JOINT STOCHASTIC INTERPRETATION OF . 1 SPWLA 54th Annual Logging Symposium, June 22-26, 2013 . JOINT STOCHASTIC INTERPRETATION OF CONVENTIONAL WELL LOGS ACQUIRED IN HYDROCARBON-BEARING SHALE . Qinshan Yang and Carlos Torres-Verdín, The University of Texas at Austin 13. THE FORMATION DENSITY LOG 13.1 . e = the number density of electrons in the substance (electrons/cm 3) N = Avagadro's number (≈6.02×1023) Z = Atomic number (no units) A = Atomic weight (g/mole) r b = the bulk density of the material (g/cm 3). Thus, the gamma count rate depends upon the electron number density, which is related to the bulk density of a substance by Eq. . What is the appropriate/standard method to find bulk ... Thank you for your valuable feedback. I made green compacts (using die press) to evaluate the compact density of powder mixtures, while keeping all of the compact parameters same.e.g starting powder mass, compaction pressure, obtained disk diameter and obtained disk height.    Read More

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